Global Supply Chain

Office & Factory

  • China — 6 Self-owned Factories
  • Vietnam — 3 Self-owned Factories
  • UK — Partner Factory
  • India — Partner Factory / Representative
  • CA, USA - Representative
  • Cambodia — Representative
  • Taiwan — HQ

Service & Quality

“ To become the world’s best paper packaging solutions provider. ”

GoodBox aims to become the best packaging solutions provider entrusted by globally recognized brands as their nominated supplier. We can provide a streamlined services from design development, production monitoring, packing and logistics; GoodBox is dedicated to become your long term packaging solutions partner.

Global Supply Chain

  • Provide the most ideal packaging solution based on your needs
  • Global network of production and service locations
  • Decrease troubleshooting response time, ensuring overall service quality
  • Become your long-term partner

One-Stop-Shopping Experience

Good packaging making is more than construction, materials, accessories, functionality and durability. What sets us apart is GoodBox’s global service network, versatile communication channels, expertise in packaging functionality and innovation, and our dedication to elevate product recognition and competitive advantage.

  • Dedicated channel for all product needs
  • Diverse in-house equipment provides expert package design and production
  • Professional consultation to help elevate customer product quality and competitiveness

Quality and Logistics

GoodBox’s self-owned global production network helps us maintain a global production quality standard; our internal quality control is actively auditing production quality throughout all of our production locations. Our standardized quality control management starts from raw material to production, and logistics as part of our dedication to provide peace of mind to all of our clients.

  • Standarized storage management system - Maintain minumum stock quantity on all raw materials
  • Precise quality management system
  • Routine quality control check with all factory locations and retail spaces
  • Strive for efficiency and decrease response time


GoodBox’s commitment to the environment starts with globally certified raw material to ensure we create efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. We monitor every step of our operation from development to production as part of our dedication to an environmental-friendly and self-sustaining future.

Our Certificates

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Standards

Colour & Quality Management