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Lien Jade Group donates service equipments to appreciates and supports frontline firefighters.

Firefighters have a special nature of job and need to be on call at all times to ensure the lives and property of the citizen. Wei Lun Chiang, Founder of Taichung Heart-warming Enterprise-Lien Jade Group, in order to thank the front-line firefighters for their efforts, donated service equipment for firefighters, including stretchers, first aid kits, medical spicule, safety helmets, thermal imagers, personal alert safety systems, et cetera. This caused that the Taichung City Fire Bureau's Liming unit can replace new equipment at the end of the year, and perform tasks without worries.

Po-Yang Chen, the head of the Liming Branch of Taichung Fire Department, presented a certificate of appreciation to express his support to the firefighters through practical actions. He also mentioned that Lien Jade Group immediately contacted and arranged material donations after learning that the Liming team had equipment replacement needs, which made the team members feel warm.

The donated equipment is roughly divided into three categories. The first is disaster rescue equipment that improves rescue efficiency, for instance door openers and infrared thermal imagers that can quickly identify the location of the fire. Second, medical devices that improve the survival rate, such as intraosseous vascular access systems, so that patients can receive more timely medicine treatment. The third category is safety equipment to protect rescuers, such as a personal alarm safety system that can issue clear alerts when rescuers are in distress, thereby reducing the risk of attendance.

The consultant of Lien Jade Group mentioned that every firefighter is an unsung hero who serves the people. In addition to being on call 24 hours a day, the job description is also very complex , for instance emergency medical rescue, fire and disaster relief, disaster prevention disseminate , and smoke alarms installation, to name just a few. During the epidemic, supporting the epidemic prevention work is even more strenuous. Lien Jade hopes to provide support and gratitude to these unsung heroes within our ability.

Lien Jade Group attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. In 2000, Lien Jade Peace Culture and Education Foundation was established. In 2013, Lien Jade Culture and Education Foundation was established. Since their establishment, Lien Jade has long been dedicated to life aesthetics, cultural education, social welfare, environmental sustainability, et cetera. It is hoped that through long-term public welfare investment and practice, it can inspire others and spread love and kindness to every corner of Taiwan.

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