Medical supplies donation of Lien Jade Group thanks Yuanlin Christian Hospital for their dedication.

The domestic epidemic has slowed down recently. In order to thank Yuanlin Christian Hospital for its contribution to the medical cause in the middle Taiwan during the epidemic, Lien Jade Construction, the iconic construction company in the middle of Taiwan specially prepared 1,400 thoughtful gifts, symbolizing the company's full gratitude for medical care and bringing warmth to the hospital staff.

Lien Jade mentioned that middle of Taiwan is a close-knit community. Although Lien Jade is located in Taichung City, many of its members are from Yuanlin, Changhua. Thence, it is particularly impressed by the medical support provided by Yuanlin Christian Hospital, as well as the efforts of these regional hospitals deserve to be seen by more people. Thus, specially prepared thousands of thoughtful gifts to express their gratitude to all the staff in the hospital.

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, which just celebrated its sixth anniversary this year, belongs to the Changhua Christian Hospital system with the longest history in middle of Taiwan. Although it is a regional hospital, it is the scale of a medical center. It is the first hospital in Taiwan to be appraised by Joint Commission of Taiwan's "Smart Hospital of All Institutions".

Kuo-wei Li, the director of Yuanlin Christian Hospital, also presented a certificate of appreciation to Lien Jade Group afterwards. Kuo-wei Li mentioned that when the epidemic eased, Lien Jade Group is still concerned about the medical personal who continuously and tirelessly provide care and assistance to the public, and prepared gifts for all the staff in the hospital. This move made everyone feel the heart of Lien Jade to support the medical personal. He also expressed that its dedication to architecture and investment in public welfare is impressive.

Lien Jade has previously lit up landmark building to support Taichung and pray for safety, which has been praised by the mayor and citizens. When the epidemic finally eased, Lien Jade still did not forget to continue to support frontline medical personal.

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