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Lien Jade renovates a historic university dormitory.

The infamous National TungHai University has an over 60 years old dormitory on campus that was almost in the ruins. Lien Jade Group, in its efforts for helping to build and promoting educational benefits under the Lien Jade foundation, took on the opportunity to help reconstruct the old dormitory into a useful performing art center for the students. "Simply donate money isn't the best way to help promote education, only through direct actions will we truly get involved; if we decided to help, we must give our best efforts," said Mr. WeiLun Chiang, founder of Lien Jade Group.

As the leading pioneer in the construction of Taiwan, Lien Jade brought together its team to redesign and remodeled the dormitory into "B House" performing art center, a name taken from the building's original name "A/B dormitory housing." While the entire building's purpose was transformed, many of its original structure and layout were preserved as part of the design, leaving good-old memories and passing them on to the students for generations. "After all, it's a 60 years old building, many cherished memories were shared here; we wanted to stick to its origins as much as possible to preserve its historical accent."
said Gerine Wang, president of Lien Jade Group.