China Times


Lien Jade invites industry peers to visit construction site of their newest project.

Once again Lien Jade Group is the leading pioneer and setting excellent examples for the construction industry of Taiwan. In association with Taiwan's Department of Labor, Health, and Safety,Lian Jade Group openly welcomed competitors to visit the constructional site of the newly developing "TaiHe" project, which is to be completed in 2017. The purpose is none other than sharing and promoting the welfare, benefits, organization, and safety for the laborers at any level of constructional sites around the nation, sure a model for everyone to follow its lead.
Lien Jade Group implemented the "6S" from the industrial engineering philosophy to its sites which enforces strong organization, discipline, and security for all of the employees. In addition, welfare and benefits cannot be overlooked as Lien Jade's site included individual locker rooms,beautiful rest/meeting areas and even private shower rooms which gave the workers " home away from home."
"Environmental and energy saving benefits are also our main focuses as over the years we've implemented the use of latest wall injecting technique along with use of solar powered energy to help create a more modern, and less polluting project that will beautify our city and benefit the generations to come," said Gerine Wang, president of Lian Jade Group.
The Lien Jade Group is the current, and the only winner for the "best environmental/benefits constructional site award" provided by the Taiwan government for five straight years.