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Lien Jade hosts performing arts event in Taichung to raise educational funds for disadvantaged children.

2016 Taichung Huadu Art Season" closed on the evening of the 17th at the National Taichung National Opera Theater. The "Paper Windmill Theater" performed the popular drama "The Adventures of Don Quixote - Galaxy Tianma", mobilizing hundreds of manpower and two groups for the first time. Actors, plus live performances and on-site simultaneous performances, the wonderful performances made tens of thousands of people on and off the field hilarious. Mayor Lin Jialong hopes to hold the Huadu Art Festival every year in the future to create Taichung's flower capital and creative city.

When Lin Jialong saw the full audience, he gave a warm high-five one by one. He thanked Jiang Weilun, chairman of Lianju Construction, for his strong sponsorship. The paper pinwheel was a wonderful drama. He not only cared about cultural equality and social welfare, but also made the performance scale and quality reach a new peak. .

Disadvantaged families enjoy free

"Let art go to the countryside and also enter the city, so that children can have a good childhood!" Lin Jialong said, in conjunction with charity activities, thousands of children from disadvantaged families in remote rural areas are invited to watch for free, and the ticket sales will also pass through the Taichung Cultural and Educational Foundation. , and continue to organize arts and cultural activities in the future.

Jiang Weilun, chairman of Lianju Construction, said that the Taichung Huadu Art Festival invited the Pinwheel Troupe to perform at the finale, and the response was enthusiastic.

Cultural Director Wang Zhicheng said that the Opera House Square has been crowded since the afternoon, and it was packed before the performance. Many fans who chased the "wind" arrived early. In the classic scenes, such as Don Quixote fighting the windmill giant, or the multi-headed dragon 20 meters away The long body flew into the sky; the audience exclaimed again and again. As the dragon flew up and down, the children were both happy and scared. The actors improvised and exchanged answers with the children, and the audience applauded and laughed constantly.

On-site and off-site synchronized performances

Li Yongfeng, CEO of the Pinwheel Culture and Education Foundation, said that for this special project, hundreds of actors and staff were employed on both the inside and outside of the theater to ensure the switching between curtains and the smooth communication between indoor and outdoor stages, which greatly improved the The difficulty of manpower and technology is huge, and it can be called the first in Taiwan.

Lianju Construction also distributed 30,000 lollipops at the Opera House Square to invite friends from the public to watch the show, and also celebrated Christmas in advance for children who were too late to buy tickets to enter the theater.

Last night, the Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Cai Qichang, legislators Lu Xiuyan and Zhang Liao Wanjian attended the grand event. The city government, Lianju Construction and the Paper Windmill Theatre troupe jointly prepared this outdoor performance. The preparation period was very short. With the full efforts of the show, in less than a month, a high-standard and difficult performance that was the first of its kind in Taiwan was presented to everyone.

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