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Cultivating future talents for the footwear industry in collaboration with Feng Chia University.

Mr. Weilun Chiang, founder of Lien Jade Group which thrives in Real-estate Developments and Packaging Industry across Taiwan and the Globe, shares similar views with the heads of Taiwan’s major footwear manufactures that these “traditional” manufacturing industry had been facing a crisis of declining and in the need to cultivate young talent to rejuvenate the industry to not only its former glory days, but to take the industry to new heights. Together with this concept to strengthen the future education and talent, the group approached the chairman of FengJia University, Gao Cheng-Shu and principal Li Bing-Gian, who have many years of rich experience in production of modern technology industries, established the “Footwear Education Foundation” which sets as a platform with its goal to promote the integrational learning and cultivate the practical talents for the future of Taiwanese footwear industry.

The president of Genfort Shoes, Tsai Chao-Chia, will serve as the chairman of the foundation, followed by Vice Chairman, Huang Zhenyuan, chairman of LongDian Footwear Industry, and Zhao Ming-Jing, Vice Chairman of Stella Holdings. The Lian Jade Group will serve as superintendent, and the board is organized by a number of well-known shoe industry business owners taking lead and jointly do their part to promote education.

With up to 80% percent of the world's shoes are from the designs and production of Taiwanese footwear manufacturers, although Taiwan had a reputation as a shoe-making kingdom in its early years, it had not had any specific footwear-related education implemented even in designated schools or universities.
The foundation stressed that school is not just a vocational training institute, but can also provide students with a good basic education and professional knowledge through real-life internships/training at the manufacturing/corporate world. All students, through the assistance of the foundation in FengJia University, will have the opportunity to work at the footwear factories and their associated businesses to further help with their experience and skills.

The program also introduces new concepts to have general managers of major footwear factories personally teach and share their valuable experiences with the university students, hoping to inspire a new generation of footwear talents with practical abilities and confidence. At present, the program is not limited to any specific department of the university, but rather any interested students can apply and participate. The Footwear Education Foundation has allowed the outside world to see Taiwanese shoe industry talent cultivation and the dawn of Taiwan's footwear industry transformation to come.