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Lien Jade assists in efforts to rebuild historic Italian monastery.

The central region of Italy experienced a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.6 last year, almost collapsing all buildings in Norcia, including the 14th-century Catholic Saint Benedictine monastery, many monks and families were forced out of their homes, desperately needed shelter. Ambassador of the of the Catholic Church in Taiwan,Mr. Shi-Ming Lee, personally invited Leader of the Monastery, Fr. Benedict Nivakoff, and priest Br. Ignatius to Taiwan with their hand-brewed Norwegian beer (Birra Nursia) hoping to raise funds to help rebuild historic monasteries and assist affected families return to their homes.

Mr. Weilun Chiang, founder of Lien Jade Group, was informed of this meaningful event and sympathizes with the earthquake victims as Taiwan is also very earthquake prone. As real-estate construction is also part of the Lien Jade Organization, plus during his many visits to Italy, Mr. Chiang too appreciates the local monuments and has special feelings towards the people, Mr. Chiang resolutely donated generously and participated in the charity fundraising!

On the day of the fundraising event held at Antico Forno Italian restaurant Taipei, Lien Jade Group had six representatives traveled from afar Taichung; with only four bottles of beer to auction, Lien Jade Group won the auction for 3 bottles, a strong effort to try to help the reconstruction of Italian monuments, and bring the victims to early recovery. General Manager of the Lien Jade Group, Ms. Gerine Wang, said that “the opportunity to participate in such fundraising activities is very meaningful, as a world citizen, this is just the slightest effort to help disaster relief, but we also hope to initiate and get more businesses to participate.”

Lien Jade Group is always there to lend a helping hand for public welfare needs: funding in numerous charity performance events; donate to helping the poor/rural families, children encouragement/dream pursuing public activities, adopting poor children of Cambodia, and rebuilding homes for the elderly with need. Mr. Chiang’s motto is "strengthening our love to others is the key to strengthening business, in order to carry this social concept, the implementation of a comprehensive corporate social responsibility and dedication must be lived to make the world a better and more meaningful place.”