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Donation efforts of Lien Jade Employees provide Chinese New Year feasts for the disadvantaged.

Every year, the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (GSWF) holds an annual “Year End Feast” for the poor and homeless,; however, this year’s poorer economic situation led to a 20% deficit in fund to host the event. As soon as Lien Jade Organization heard about the fund deficit to help those in need, all employees immediately gathered to make the donation to ensure the poor and homeless don’t go hungry. Led by group President, Gerine Wang and deputy manager, Claire Chu, Lien Jade Organization was able to fill the fund deficit in less than a week’s time. Dean of GSWF TaiChung branch was rejoiced and deeply thanked all the employees of Lien Jade group for their love and kindness; “I’m so glad that those in need can have a heart-warming meal as planned, Thank you Lien Jade Organization!” he added.