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Welcome a new year with non-stop love, Lien Jade Group donated equipment to thank the police.

As the New Year is approaching, Lien Jade Group, the heart-warming enterprise in Taichung, continues to bring love to society. Today (30th), Lien Jade Group donated service equipment to the Sixth Branch of Taichung City Police Department to thank the police for their maintenance and contribution to regional public security. The donated equipment, including miniature photography equipment, uninterruptible power host backup system, laptops, etc. Supporting the police on the front line of epidemic prevention with practical actions is of positive significance for boosting the morale of the police, and at the same time bringing warmth to them.

Yuan-Jung Tsai, Director of the Sixth Branch, attended the donation ceremony today and presented the potter's artwork "Annunciation Bird" in return. He thanked Weilun Chiang, Founder of Lien Jade Group, for his great support of local police work. Yuan-Jung Tsai said that Lien Jade Group has donated materials such as patrol cars, police vests, and defensive gloves in the past. On the occasion of the end of the year, Lien Jade Group took the initiative to contact the police to supplement them with new service equipment, which made everyone feel the support of private enterprises for the police.

Stanley Chiang, manager of Lien Jade Group, Peter Kuo, consultant of Lien Jade Group, shared that the police are busy with daily duties, inspecting crimes on the front line, patrolling the community, and serving the people all year round. They especially thank the police for their hard work and dedication. Furthermore, it is also expected to inspire more and more enterprises and the public to support the police and contribute to the local society.

In recent years, Lien Jade Group has been carrying out charities continuously, donating medical supplies such as ambulances and N95 masks to support frontline medical personnel during the epidemic. In addition, Lien Jade Group has previously donated service equipment for firefighters, including intraosseous vascular access systems, thermal imagers, personal alert safety systems, and so forth, to provide support and express gratitude to these frontline firefighters.

Lien Jade Group, which has been operating in Taichung for nearly 27 years, adheres to the mission of people-oriented, sustainable operation and social responsibility. In the professional field, it is committed to creating safe, functional and aesthetic buildings, and ti is dedicated to social welfare with the spirit of giving back to the society. Lien Jude Group hopes that through the long-term operation and practice of public welfare, the effect of inspiration can be achieved, and every corner of Taiwan will be full of love and kindness.

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