• 01

    Use of globally certified eco-friendly raw materials

  • 02

    Promote energy efficiency by using up-to-date production equipment

  • 03

    Reduce and reuse wastes and establish circularity process

  • 04

    Educate and promote Environmental de-pollution around the factory and encourage environmental protection activities

  • 05

    ISO14064 certification is to measure greenhouse gas output, and through system network constructed between our own factory network, we can monitor the carbon emission status of all productions. Throughout the years of innovation and efforts, we have successfully reduced our group's carbon footprint by 20.03% from 2019 to 2020

What We Done

  1. ⬩     Recycled paper materials
  2. ⬩     Soy-based ink / Water-based ink
  3. ⬩     Water-based varnish
  4. ⬩     Resin & Starch based glue
  5. ⬩     Waste recycling
  6. ⬩     Reuse kinetic energy
  7. ⬩     VOCs treatment
  8. ⬩     Carbon footprint ISO14064

FSC | Chain of Custody

This certification proves it is sourcing materials from FSC-certified forests, recycling and/or controlled sources and is following FSC-defined best practice throughout the production process and supply chain. This gives consumers peace of mind knowing that the whole supply chain is operating under supervision.

All GoodBox facilities are FSC-CoC Certified.

Carbon Footprint

Many factors contribute to sustainability, and we constantly improve on what we can measure. We measure the GHG output using ISO14064; Carbon footprint is a measure of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. By operating a network of self-owned facilities, we have total control over our operations.

Across all factories we have worked on projects such as:
  • ⬩     Replacing petroleum forklifts with electric forklifts.
  • ⬩     Replacing lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs
  • ⬩     Insulating industrial pipes
  • ⬩     Analyze and optimise delivery fleets
Since we started, we have successfully reduced our group’s carbon footprint year by year.
Carbon emission in 2017

Per box

Carbon emissions in 2021

Per box

Reduction of

(Figure based on 9 factories.)